Canara Bank Balance Check Number – Missed call, Net Banking

In this article you will see the various steps, you can now perform a Canara Bank balance check.

Customers of Canara Bank can take advantage of a variety of banking services. Customers can now send and receive money using a variety of transaction methods, according to the bank.

Similarly, Canara Bank has established a number of methods to assist clients in checking the balance of their Canara bank account.

In the past, updating one’s balance required a trip to the bank. This is no longer the case, as clients can now check their balances through different digitalized methods. Here, we’ll look at the many inquiry services available to Canara bank customers.

7 methods for Canara Bank balance check

Are you looking for a number of ways to check the balance of your Canara bank account?

Customers can choose from a variety of options available.

All you have to do is go through the alternatives below and select one to check your Canara bank balance.

You can do so from the comfort of your own home or workplace, either online or via SMS, or by calling, or by using an ATM, or by utilizing any of the ways listed below. 

Canara bank balance check number

1. Canara bank balance enquiry toll free number

Canara Bank account holders in India can inquire about their balance by calling the toll-free number shown below:

These are the Canara bank balance enquiry toll free numbers:


1800 103 0018

1800 208 3333

1800 3011 3333

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2. Canara Bank Balance check online through net banking

Customers of Canara Bank can use internet banking to access their bank accounts online. The customer must first register for internet banking services in order to do so.

  • After registration for net banking, the customer must enter his or her customer id and password into the Canara Bank internet banking system to login.
  • Now in the new window, the customer’s bank account will be displayed. Select ‘Bank Details‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • The bank balance and statement option will be displayed on the next screen.

Customers can also use Canara Bank net banking to check their bank statement, view mini-statements, open a savings account, start an FD/RD, or make financial transfers.

Self-registration for Canara Bank Net Banking

Self-registration for net banking is available to customers with active debit/credit cards or joint accounts (1st holder with either or survivor operating condition). The customer must meet the following requirements in order to self-register:

  • Customer must have an active Debit or credit card
  • A valid email address associated with the bank account is required.
  • The bank account must be linked to a valid mobile number.
  • Customer must provide a 13-digit account number

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3. Canara bank balance check through Mobile Banking apps

Canara Bank’s mobile banking app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Users can check their Canara Bank account balance and access their bank account using this mobile app at any time and from anywhere.

Customers can access their accounts through one of three Canara Bank mobile banking apps:

CANDI, Canara DiYa, Canara e-Infobook

The following are the requirements for using a Canara Bank mobile application:

  • You must have a Smartphone and an internet Connection.
  • There must be Sufficient Balance to send SMS (Carrier charges by Network Operator).
  • There must be sufficient storage to download the app in smartphone.
  • Active Debit Card for activation.

How do I check my Canara Bank balance on my phone?

  • First download any of three Canara mobile banking apps from Play store or Apple store.
  • Install the app.
  • Login to your account with your active mobile number and bank account.
  • After log in go to ‘Manage Accounts’.
  • Here you will see ‘View Statement’ option.
  • Click on it to Submit request.
  • Now your account balance will be shown.

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4. Canara Bank balance check though Passbook

The simplest approach to find out your account balance is to go to a Canara Bank location and have your passbook updated.

Every customer who opens a bank account with Canara Bank receives a passbook. Customers can check Canara Bank Account Balance by visiting the local bank branch and updating their passbook.

The account holder’s Canara Bank passbook contains all of the account holder’s debit and credit activities.

Account holders can also check their Canara Bank balance through online banking or mobile banking services from the comfort of their own homes.

5. Balance Check by ATM

The Canara Bank account balance can also be checked via an ATM, such as a Canara Bank ATM or any other debit card.

You must go to a Canara Bank ATM or any other Bank ATM to check your Canara Bank account balance.

Follow the instructions outlined below.

  • First, Place the debit card in the appropriate slot.
  • Now, the system will ask you to Input the four-digit atm pin.
  • Now, select Balance Enquiry option / Check Account Balance in the screen to see the account balance.

6. Canara Bank Balance check by SMS Banking

For Canara bank balance enquiry, you can send an SMS.

You need to Simply text CANBAL<space>User ID<space>MPIN to 5607060.

Then you will receive your account balance via SMS.

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7. check Canara bank balance using Missed call

Canara Bank missed call banking is a banking service that allows consumers to inquire about their balances, receive mini-statements, and block ATM cards by dialing a phone number.

Canara Bank Missed Call Numbers

Customers must enable Canara Bank missed call banking by sending a text message to their registered phone numbers or visiting the bank to do so.

You will receive a confirmation message if registration is successful, and you can now access the services without an internet connection once you have completed a one-time registration.

Steps to check balance through Missed call

The balance inquiry toll-free number for Canara Bank is 09015483483. From your registered mobile phone, you can make a missed call to this number.

  • First you have to dial- 0-9015-483-483 (to communicate in English) or 0-9015-613-613. (For Hindi users)
  • Now the call will be automatically disconnected.
  • Now the Canara Bank will send you an SMS with your current account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What is Canara bank balance check no. ?

You can check your Canara bank balance by dialing 9015483483 from your registered phone number.
The call will automatically end when you dial the number, and you will receive an SMS with your account balance.
If you want your account balance in English, just dialing +919015483483.
And if you want your account balance in Hindi, dial +919015613613.

2. What is Canara bank toll free number?

Given below are the Canera Bank toll free numbers:
1800 103 0018
1800 208 3333
1800 3011 3333

3. What is the minimum balance in Canara bank?

The Minimum balance in Canara bank’s Semi-Urban/Urban/Metro branches have an average monthly balance of Rs. 1000/-, whereas Rural branches have an average monthly balance of Rs. 500/-.

4. What is the Canara Bank balance check USSD Code?

The USSD code for checking Canara Bank’s balance is *99*46#.
Follow the steps to check the Canara bank balance:
·        Use the phone number which is registered on bank.
·        Using your phone dialer pad, enter *99*46#
·        Choose your preferred language.
·        Type in the IFSC or two-digit bank code.
·        Then send a request

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