PNB Balance check number – 6 different ways to check

In this article we will provide you with a number of ways to check your Punjab National Bank Account Balance. So, let’s get started.

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PNB Balance Enquiry

Those days are gone when people visit their respective banks to check their account Balance. A Punjab National Bank balance check can be performed while sitting at home in a variety of ways. The Punjab National Bank, like any other bank, provides various easy options to check account balances.

Banking from home has gained popularity after the COVID-19 outbreak. Online transfers, balance checks, and other services have made our lives easier and safer.

Customers who have registered their mobile numbers with Punjab National Bank for SMS alerts can use the PNB Balance Enquiry by Missed Call feature. Customers who want to check their PNB account balance via missed call must first register their mobile number for SMS alerts at their local bank branch.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways to perform a PNB balance check.

6 different methods to perform PNB balance enquiry

PNB balance check number

Through PNB miss call balance check Number (Toll-free)

You can check the balance of your savings account using the PNB miss call Balance Check Number.

To check your PNB balance using this service, make a missed call from your registered mobile number to PNB Balance Enquiry Number- 18001802223 (Toll-free) & 01202303090. PNB Balance Enquiry can be obtained utilising the Missed Call service by following the procedures below:

  • Make a missed call from your registered mobile number to the PNB miss call Balance check number18001802223. Customers can also phone 01202303090 to inquire about their account balance.
  • After a few rings, the call will automatically disconnect.
  • PNB Account Balance is sent to the user via SMS (Savings Account, Current Account, Cash Credit and Overdraft)

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PNB Balance Enquiry through Net Banking:

To use net banking to check your PNB account balance, you must first register for the service after opening an account with the bank. Customers can sign up for net banking when they open a bank account.

After that, individuals can use the “User ID” and password issued by the bank to access their net banking accounts. Account holders can check the balance of their PNB account by following the steps below:

To access PNB Balance Enquiry using Net banking, log in and click “Account Summary” from the Dashboard or the menu at the top.

PNB E-Statements: Account holders can sign up for E-Statements using the PNB online banking service.

Account holders will only need to use PNB net banking to access their funds.

To register for an email statement, go to “Other Services” > “Service Requests” > “New Requests” > “Email Statement Registration.”

Account holders can also go to their local PNB branch, call 1800 180 2222 or 1800 103 2222, or text- SMS “ESTMT space last 4 digits of PNB account number space Email ID” to 9264092640 or 5607040 using their registered mobile phone.

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PNB Balance check by Mobile Banking

Punjab National Bank now has a few active apps that individuals can use to conduct online transactions and check their PNB account balance anytime. The following are the PNB mobile banking apps that account users can use to check their account balance:

1. PNB mBanking: Customers of Punjab National Bank can download and install the PNB mBanking app in their Android or iOS smartphones. With this Mobile Banking application users can access banking services such as PNB balance inquiry, mini statement, fund transfers, cheque book request, and more.

2. PNB mPassbook: By utilising the PNB ePassbook mobile service PNB customers can check their account balance easily. Mini and full statements will be available to account users. Customers will be able to store detailed statements to their smartphones as well. Both Android and iOS devices can use the PNB mPassbook app.

3. PNB MobiEase: PNB MobiEase allows customers to do SMS Banking, USSD Banking, and Missed Call Banking without the use of WiFi, or internet. The PNB MobiEase app is only for Android users.

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PNB balance enquiry through SMS Banking

To check PNB balance you have to:

– Text ‘BAL space 16 digits PNB Account Number’ to 5607040 from the registered cellphone number.

– You will receive a response from the bank once the message has been successfully sent.

– In that message, you can easily check your PNB account balance.

E-statements are available to PNB account holders as well. Here are some instructions on how to do that.

– Login using net banking to register for PNB E-statements.

– First Select ‘Other Services

– Then Select ‘Service Requests

– Then Select ‘New Requests‘ from the drop-down menu.

– You will be directed to a website where you must register your e-statement email address.

PNB Balance Check through ATM

ATMs are also one of the options for PNB balance check. For this, go to any ATM in your area. You can check your PNB balance at an ATM with your PNB debit card.

To perform a balance enquiry while using an ATM with a PNB Debit Card, go to the banking tab and select the balance enquiry option.

On the ATM screen, the available balance will appear first, followed by a printout of the receipt with the balance details.

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PNB Balance Enquiry through Pass Book

Every account holder who opens a bank account with Punjab National Bank receives a passbook. Account holders can view all transactions and the balance of their PNB account by visiting the bank to update their passbook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I check my PNB account balance?

To check your PNB balance, make a missed call from your registered mobile number to PNB Balance Check Number 18001802223 (Toll-free) & 01202303090.

How can I check my PNB account balance through SMS?

To check your PNB account balance through SMS, send SMS BAL /space/ 16-digit Account Number to 1800-180-2223 / 0120-2303090 from your registered mobile number.

How can I get PNB mini statement?

You have several options for checking your PNB mini statement. You can call 1800-180-2223 or 0120-2303090, or text ‘MINSTMT space Account Number’ to 5607040. You can download and utilise the PNB mobile application or log in to the PNB online banking portal if you have an internet connection.

How can I know my PNB registered mobile number?

Click on Retail Internet Banking on the PNB net banking page. To access your net banking account, enter your User ID and password. After you’ve logged in, go to Personal Settings and then View Registered Mobile Number. You may see your registered mobile number, which is linked to your bank account, on the next screen.

Limit of number of enquiries can be made in a day/week/month/year?

There is currently no limitation. It’s limitless. The time between two successive searches for the same phone number must be at least 45 minutes.

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