What is FamPay Card, and how to use it? Its features and benefits

FamPay card Benefits

If you’re a youngster wanting to make payments, go no further than Fampay Card, which is India’s first-ever card and UPI payments app designed particularly for teens (13–19 years old).

Make digital payments via UPI, Scan and Pay with QR Codes, and the FamCard—a teen-only debit card that can be used for both online and offline purchases.

Through family-friendly software, the FamPay card aims to convert the digitally savvy generation from cash to digital without the need for a bank account.

Teenagers can now send money securely if they have verified their KYC with their parents and themselves. By following RBI regulations, FamPay offers its users the best level of safety and security.

What is FamPay Card?

The first Visa prepaid card for teenagers in India, FamCard Me, has been introduced by Fintech startup FamPay, which focuses on online and offline card payments for young people.

As the first ever doodle card in India, the launch of FamCard Me represents another revolution in the fintech and card industries.

according to Sambhav Jain, Co-Founder of FamPay.

Additionally, it will mark Visa’s first entry into numberless cards. Teenagers can customise their FamCard Me with over 200 doodles and signature fonts to create their own artwork.

Teenagers can use the FamCard and the FamPay App to conduct online and offline payments with FamPay and its numberless pre-paid card without having to open a bank account, according to Jain.

Over 2 million people have signed up

Within eight months of its introduction, FamPay had 2 million registered customers. In June 2021, it raised one of India’s largest Series A fundings of $38 million with Elevation Capital and Sequoia Capital as the key investors.

In just the first few weeks after FamPay launched their virtual Visa Cards in May 2021, more than 2,000 people had already signed up.

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Key Features and Benefits of the FamPay Card

Here are some of the key benefit of FamPay Card.

1. As a teenager, make autonomous payments.

  • You can send and receive money from friends and family with the FamPay Card.
  • You can make instant UPI payments using your personal UPI ID with a FamPay card.
  • Pay at your favourite stores by scanning QR codes.
  • Use your countless FamCard to make offline payments; it works just like a debit card for teenagers, only better.
  • You can see the post of your friends’ purchases on our social feed and you can comment there!

2. As a parent, revolutionise payments for your child.

  • The benefit of making digital payments is that you can send money to your child whenever you want, from wherever you are, using a FamPay card.
  • No bank account is required to transfer money.
  • Transfer the desired amount into your child’s FamPay account to set restrictions and manage their spending.
  • You may manage your child’s funds with FamPay by keeping track of their expenses and enjoying real transparency.
  • Through hands-on learning, you can assist your child in achieving financial literacy and independence.
  • Because FamPay prioritises security and abides by RBI regulations, you and your child must successfully complete KYC verification before you are granted full access to the app.

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3. Superior security

  • The safe RuPay network is used by our FamPay Card, which is issued by IDFC First Bank.
  • FamPay does not need to be linked to a bank account and is RBI and PCI DSS compliant.
  • We’ve hired the greatest engineers to detect scams, prevent hackers, and keep your money safe.
  • A device lock, such as a fingerprint, facial ID, pattern lock, or PIN, is used to protect every transaction.
  • Anytime, anywhere, you have the ability to block, pause, or alter the pin of the card.
  • Your vital card information will be securely kept in the FamPay app thanks to the numberless FamPay card.
  • You can talk with us whenever you like because the FamPay help centre is open around-the-clock.
  • This means that with FamPay, you can concentrate more on being a teen while we look after the security of your money.

4. Functionality of Contactless Payments:

  • Additionally, it includes a unique feature called “Flash PIN,” which is dynamic and created for each transaction.
  • Teenagers can make offline payments simply by flashing this PIN to the cashier rather than manually entering it on the POS terminals, enabling genuine contactless transactions in the COVID-19 environment.

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5. Especially created to please teenagers:

  • Any product that caters to Gen Z teens‘ requirements needs to fit in with their vibe.
  • The vertical, minimalistic form of FamCard fits their aesthetic preferences and may be customised however they see fit.

6. Relied on by top partners:

  • To make this “first in India” numberless card a reality, FamPay collaborated with NPCI.
  • In order to realise this ground-breaking initiative, they worked together to tackle the complicated backend supply chain that had to be rebuilt and restructured.
  • This card was introduced in collaboration with IDFC First Bank and is accepted by the whole RuPay merchant network.

7. Rewards on every spend

FamCoins are FamPay’s method of rewarding you!

Rewards for FamPay card
  • Earn FamCoins for every transaction you make.
  • FamCoins can be used to obtain discounts, cashbacks, and special deals on your favourite brands.
  • Take part in unique freebies and contests.

FamPay Card Price

The FamCard was originally priced at Rs. 299, while the physical FamCard Me costs Rs. 599*.

Everyone can use the virtual FamCard for free of cost.

Prices could change depending on promotions and discounts. For the most recent deals on the FamCard, be sure to check the card screen!

How FamPay Card Works?

A virtual card is created for the user once they register on the app. All online retail platforms accept this virtual card like a regular debit card. A request for the physical equivalent of the virtual card can be made for offline transactions.

The startup gives users the ability to personalise their cards to their desire, such as adding a name to the card or choosing an avatar from a variety of choices to make it more distinctive and representative of their personalities.

How do I get a FamPay card?

You can get FamPay card and start using it in just 3 steps!

  • First you have to download the FamPay app and complete your KYC process.
  • Now you have to Invite your kids and get them to do their KYC.
  • Begin easily sending money to your children digitally.

What is fampay customer care number?

Chat with the support team on the FamPay app and get all your questions answered! You can contact FamPay customer care on [email protected]

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Frequently Asked questions

1) Where can I get FamPay card discount code?

Use a credible source.
Check out websites like RetailMeNot, DealsPlus, Coupon Cabin, and Slickdeals for the best deals. These sites combine sales and codes from thousands of merchants and brands, as well as user submissions. Before being published, all codes at RetailMeNot are tested and confirmed.

2) How can we earn money from FamPay?

Earn money while you spend it!
FamPay provides more than you expected, with interesting reward schemes and discounts and cashback offers on your favourite brands. You may also earn brownie points, commonly known as FamCoins, for any action you perform on the app, which can be redeemed the next time you spend!

3) What is the limit of FamPay?

You will be limited to loading INR 10,000 per month and INR 1,000,000 per fiscal year into your Min-KYC Wallet. The total amount outstanding in your Min-KYC Wallet at any given time cannot exceed INR 10,000.

4) Where can I use FamCard?

In person, you can swipe your FamCard or utilise the Tap N Pay feature, or you can send money digitally on all of your favourite websites, like Amazon, Netflix, Zomato, Swiggy, and others.
Get your movie tickets, a cab, a gift, and food! FamPay is available wherever you want.

5) What are the documents required for KYC?

Any of the following user identification documents, such as a voter identification card, passport, driver’s licence, PAN card, or other government-issued ID, can be used to perform KYC with ease.

Check all the Faq’s related to FamPay card here – FamPay card faq’s

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